Our SPL Token $DNRII

The "Denarii" of ancient Rome were silver coins and a single "Denarius" is referred to in the Bible as being representative of a day's wage. Today, Denarii exist on the Solana blockchain and serve as a loyalty and rewards access token that supercharges our brand. By interacting with $DNRII, members can explore new levels of immersion into the Guild. $DNRII has a modest, finite supply and deflationary attitude. Currently, $DNRII can be earned exclusively by staking Mensarii's Guild NFTs.


By deploying a token, Mensarii's Guild is able to exercise a variety of utilities including but not limited to: Whitelisting, NFT mints, wallet submission, product and community group gating. Our vision is to explore innovate ways to implement $DNRII into the brand and develop a dynamic ecosystem unlike any competitor.


Blockchain technology presents undeniable, easily verifiable tools to track and monitor community engagement and loyalty. Using $DNRII we are able to take frequent snapshots and reward our members. Additionally, the token itself is distributed as a staking reward with a finite supply.


  • Chain: Solana (SPL token)

  • Original Supply: 10,000,000 (mint authority revoked)

  • Token Address: Bc4Xm6U4K952HX8JZm2jnMG6YsrVJ7BTcRUGrQhvDHn7